Locating DC Ground Faults

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                                                                   GFAL-A         Analyzer Unit                      
                                                                   GFAL-B         Tracking Unit        
  Tracking Sensor                          
  Training CD 

     DC Ground faults on battery operating DC Multi feeders are very difficult to find without the proper instrument for detection and location and training.

    The DC ground fault Analyzer GFAL-A and the DC ground fault locator GFAL-B instruments are making use of a very small  DC signal to analyze      
    and to locate the DC ground faults on power plants, substations, refineries and switchyards.

      Finding the DC ground faults on Power Plants, user remark:
   The Power Plants sometimes don't see the need to clear DC ground faults a plant operator said to us we burned-up a $40,000 pump due to DC faults on 2 systems.
   Also years back we have two DC faults and started a very large cooling tower circulating water pump, clearing the DC ground faults are usually an after thought.

The need for DC ground fault location training:
Even with the proper instruments to locate DC ground faults the lack of training how to use and how the DC distribution system is lay-out and the role of outside
    interferences affecting the test result could be hours of troubleshooting and frustration.
    Samco Engineering will provide you with the instrument a 70 pages booklet and a CD with a Power Point Presentation for such training.


                                                                         GFAL-A and GFAL-B


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                         analyzer a    GFAL -A  

                        GFAL-B    GFAL-B                                    

                          LMSA  Tracking Sensor

                          manual   USER'S  MANUAL  

                                              Equipment and Method highlights

               GFAL-A: Ground Fault Analyzer Instrument (Interrupter unit)  

    *     Create a track signal to locate the DC ground faults up to the point of failure

    *    Functionally test the DC alarm unit operation

    *    Test the DC Distribution System for spike faults and AC contamination 

    *    Help to find the value of the fault resistance from each polarity with respect to site ground. 

          See the User's Manual Section 8.0 – GFAL- A, Appendix B.

    *    Set up the basis for a ground fault predictive maintenance program

              GFAL-B: Ground Fault Tracker Instrument (tracking unit)

    *    Will trace and locate the DC ground faults on DC multi-feeder distribution system, up to the point of failure without service

    *    Detect and process the signal produce by the interrupter with a magnetic sensor (unique design) that wrap around the conductors.

    *    Never have to open a circuit or a breaker to troubleshoot a DC distribution system

    *    Set up the basis for a ground fault predictive maintenance program

                 MSA: Magnetic Sensor Assembly (tracking sensor)

    *    The design of the sensor probe is unique, there are available in 2 sizes  

                GFAL-CD: Training  CD "Fundamentals of DC Ground Fault"

    *    "Correct and incorrect" ground fault Indication and Location methods and instruments.

    *    How to identify and locate DC ground faults on DC multi-feeder distribution systems

    *    CD with the User's Manual a Power Point Presentation and 8 Application Notes for support self training

                Partial customers list                                       

         *     Plant Bowen 3,540 MW (GA)                                            
         *     Plant Scherer 3,564 MW (GA)     
*     Darlington Nuclear Plant 3,500 MW (Ontario Canada)                        
         *     Ray Olinger Plant  420 MW (TX)                                     

         *     City of Anaheim (250 KV) Substation (CA)                     

         *     El Segundo GS 684 MW (CA)                                           

*     Exxon Mobil Refinery (CA)                                           
*     Callaway Nuclear Plant (MO)                                        
*     Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant (TX)                                
*     Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant (PA)                            
         *     Brunswick Nuclear Plant (NC)                                          
*     Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant (CA)
*     Palo Verde Nuclear Plant (AZ)
*     Hatch Nuclear Plant (GA)
*     Paradise Power Plant, TVA Gov (KY)
*     Bonneville Power Administration, Gov (OR) Substations
*     Arnold Airforce Base, Gov (TN)
*     The Dalles Dam (US Army Corps of  Engineers)

                 International customers from:
         *     South Korea
Saudi Arabia
*     Philippines
   *     Canada
    Puerto Rico                                              
*     Slovenia                                           
*     Vietnam                                
*     Australia                               
         *     England       

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