The Magnetic Sensor Assembly (MSA)


The Magnetic Sensor Assembly (MSA) connect to the GFAL-B (The Tracking Unit)
The MSA is made up of two arms of very flexible magnetic laminations of very high magnetic
permeability, the two arms are encapsulated with a rubber sleeve,
Velcro is use to allow the closing
of the arms,
see figure #1

The arms concentrate the magnetic flux generated by the cables under test on a Hall Effect Sensor

This arrangement is unique and made the MSA very easy to use when installed around one or more

The MSA is not a current transformer (CT) is a magnetic flux concentrator, because was design to detect
DC currents

Figure # 1 depict the installation of the MSA around two conductors coming out of a circuit breaker.

                                                      Figure # 1
There are to standards MSA, the Small MSA (SMSA) and the Large MSA (MSA)

        Large MSA:
    Opening mouth dimension            4.1/2 to 6 Inches 
    Width                                            1.2 Inches
    Weight                                           17.0 Oz.

        Small MSA:

    Opening mouth dimension           
3 to 4.1/2 Inches 
    Width                                           0.6 Inches
    Weight                                          11.0 Oz. 

     Special Application:
Figure # 2 depict the installation of the Large MSA around a steel pipeline testing for the DC ground
fault tracking signal on the conductors inside the pipeline, this is possible because the nature of the
tracking signal (magnetic field produce by the DC tracking signal) and the GFAL-A/B instrument design algorithm.

Figure # 2
The GFAL-A/B use a DC signal to locate the ground faults and the test probe is a magnetic flux concentrator,
this probe can be install around cables that carry from 0.0 up to 80 Amps of DC current, consequently can be install
on mayor circuit breakers

Instruments that uses AC signal to track DC ground fault have test probes that are transformers these probe cannot 
be install on DC circuit breakers that carry more than 10.0 Amps (or maybe less) of DC current because they will 
saturate and no longer operate, consequently cannot be use on mayor circuit breakers.


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